Which do we address first?

poverty or education


EdBuild was created to rethink schools and rebuild communities.

We believe that we must radically transform the manner in which education is being delivered to our underserved communities.

If cities and states can allocate resources more effectively, then they can break down boundaries, dramatically improve schools, and position education reform as a key driver of economic development.

We are EdBuild. Together we can rebuild the future.

When neighborhoods suffer,
schools fail.

And when schools fail,
neighborhoods suffer.

To address this cycle, our work focuses on three key areas where economic development and education reform intersect.


We believe that rightsizing district building portfolios and providing high quality charter schools with unique financing opportunities can bring more resources to school districts and communities while increasing quality school options for families.


We believe that smart compensation and pension systems will attract and retain the best teachers to inspire students in struggling schools and contribute to the local economy by living in the neighborhoods in which they teach.


We believe that adequate funding, efficient spending and access to alternative financing can spur innovation and ensure every public school student has the resources they need to succeed.

Our three-tiered approach will help leaders at every level, from district superintendents to city and state officials.

edBuild will: